ANALOG: A Documentary of the ARG-1M Analog Mars Mission

Produced by Tony DiBernardo

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Celestial Citizen is a space media platform that promotes a vision of a better space future for all. We provide storytelling and rich content across a diverse range of media in order to encourage conversation around how to democratize access to space and make our future in space more inclusive.

We are currently seeking funding to make Celestial Citizen a full-time endeavor, providing education and outreach to aid in humans becoming a thriving space-faring civilization. If you'd like to support our mission, please reach out to me at [email protected]

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Space, But Messier! was created to spread the awe for the beauty of the universe to the people that think it's beyond their potential. 

Now, I host the Continuum Podcast with Celestial Citizen and create educational videos on Youtube as Space, But Messier!

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Our Youtube Channel features exclusive content spanning the vast reaches of space as we know it. Learn everything from Astronomy 101, NASA History, to our current exploration efforts on Mars!

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