How can YOU support Space, But Messier?

Here at Space, But Messier!, we understand that there are many different ways to support educational resources like us. Financial Support will help us grow as a resource, giving us the tools we need to create unparalleled content and help launch us to every corner of the Earth.


Can't donate right now? We humbly ask for your prayers instead.

If you are not quite ready to support us financially, then a far more important type of support could be just for you. Please consider praying for the success of Space, But Messier!, not for our personal success, but for the success of our shared mission; to spread our love and fascination of the sciences to every type of learner and inspire them to achieve greatness in their own way, for our planet, and for humanity as a whole. We are constantly praying that the success of this platform gives glory to the God who created us and everything we study, so please join us!

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