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podcast Mar 01, 2018

Hello and welcome to the newest podcast in the universe! We are extremely pleased to present to you a podcast all about Space, Flight, Astronomy, History, New, and so much more. We are Tony DiBernardo and Florencia Pina, recording from Southern California to bring you the best and simplest space podcast around! So, without further ado, here are the notes for our first episode: All About Us | Space, But Messier!


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About Us

Tony: I was an average student in high school, transferred to CSULB and majored in Communications. In my last semester, in my need for one last capstone class, I took The History of Human Space Flight. It was fun! We learned all about the History of NASA, Roscosmos, Historical Missions, etc... Then at the end we had the opportunity to do the calculations to send a satellite to Mars. We were helped along the way, but completing that assignment gave me the most purpose I had ever felt in my life. So, I came home and watched Carl Sagan's Cosmos series, went back to community college and took all of the Physics and Calculus courses I could find, and even had a chance to participate in NASA's community college aerospace scholar's program. I've been in love with Space and pursuing it ever since. In fact, I'm currently pursing a Master's in Astronomy right now!


Flo: I just joined the Space, But Messier! team. Tony asked me to join on because I just love space. I don't have the knowledge behind it all, it's just the awe and wonder of it. I'm currently pursuing my Bachelor's in Communications, so I study people, but I've never stopped looking up. I took a college Astronomy course that completely blew my mind, learning about stars, how they were born, how our knowledge about space is always expanding and I loved it. 



An Amateur Astronomer Discovered Lost NASA Satellite after 12 years

  • In the year 2000, NASA launched the IMAGE satellite, I-M-A-G-E, that’s the Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration satellite. NASA lost contact with IMAGE in 2005, and 12 years later, 47 year old Scott Tilley spotted it while searching for the Zuma spy satellite that was lost after SpaceX’s last launch. Crazy part…. It was still transmitting! Great news for NASA, Awesome discovery for Scott Tilley

Russia offers tourists SpaceWalks for $100 million

  1. Russian Space Company, Energia, is building the NEM-2, which will accommodate 4-6 people in comfortable cabins, toilets, and WIFI. Energia says wealthy people are ready to pay for this and they want to launch next year!

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch

  • On Tuesday February 6th at 1:30pm, SpaceX will launch it’s Falcon Heavy Rocket from Cape Canaveral in Florida. For those who don’t know, SpaceX is revolutionizing Space Flight by making Space more affordable. They Launch payloads into Space or to the international Space Station, then they land their rocket booster back on earth to reuse. The Falcon Heavy has 3 Rocket boosters with 27 total engines on it and SpaceX has confirmed that they intend to land all 3 back on Earth for reuse.

Where Did Space, But Messier! get it's name?

Tony: After receiving my B.A. in Communication Studies, I went back to school for Physics. In what I had planned to be my last semester at Community College before transferring again, I took Physics, Calculus, Chemistry, a week long workshop at NASA JPL, and I got engaged! I learned that only one could be priority, so took a year off school focus on my marriage. That area of my life was going great, but taking a year off school was really hard for me. My wife Jenna, sensing this, motivated me to start a blog or something that I could create while learning more about Space all the time. So, I did! When it came time choose a name, I remember learning about the astronomer Charles Messier in class, so I put that to use. I had Space, But Messier! and Bite-size Astronomy as options. I polled my friends and they all chose Space, But Messier!. A month later, as I was doing research on NASA's website for a blog post, I watched an embedded video and after it finished, the brand's name flashed on the screen; "Bite-size Astronomy". Very happy with my name choice!

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